headshotI am an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology at Western Oregon University.

I am a zoologist and ecologist interested in how animals are affected by, and respond to, environmental change.  This research spans multiple layers of biological organization, from the behavioral and physiological responses of individuals to the evolutionary responses of populations and the ecological responses of communities, usually in a conservation context. My research focusses on insects, other invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles, and is underpinned by a strong knowledge of natural history. I actively recruit undergraduate students to conduct research in my lab. Check out my research here, see what other students have been up to in the lab here, or download my CV for more information, and then Contact Me to get involved.

At WOU, I teach courses in the Biology of Insects (BI 474, Spring even years), Animal Behavior (BI 360; Winter even years),  Vertebrate Natural History (BI 317; Fall odd years), the Analysis of Biological Data (BI 343; Fall & Winters), and Introductory Biology (BI 101, 213 Spring). I am passionate about the integration of teaching and research, and promote active, hands-on  learning in the classroom, lab, and field. Find out more about my teaching experience and philosophy here.

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